Maturing Faith: Week 6

Nov 19, 2023    Pastor Jared Richey

Welcome to church! This week Pastor Jared dives into our third stage of faith: the "faith of Surrender," and what it looks like. Below are some questions to pray and reflect over throughout the week!

Our anxieties reveal our attachments - what are you the most attached to? What worries keep you up at night? Do you sense the Holy Spirit leading you to surrender any of them?

Pastor Jared points out that authenticity cannot be confirmed in a mirror - only in community with others. Who do you have in your life that can tell when you're being authentic? Who can you ask to help you become more authentic?

A faith of surrender is all about trusting that God can transform us in ways we never could on our own. Spend some time asking God to transform you and mold you to look more like the person of Jesus.

What stage of faith do you most identify with in this season of your journey (Transactional, Desperation, Surrender)? What is the “next right thing” the Spirit is calling you to?

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