Maturing Faith: Week 4

Nov 5, 2023    Pastor Jared Richey

Thank you for joining us with Ridgeland Church! This week we are talking about the second stage of faith in our series: the faith of "Desperation." Here are some prompts to reflect on as you listen!

- Think about a time in your life that you were desperate - perhaps a crisis or time you felt alone. How did you respond?

- Do you generally tend to shy away from risks or embrace the challenge of them? Why?

- Take a few moments and reflect on the question: “are you desperate?” Are you truly hungry and desperate for Jesus (like the hunger and desperation of the prodigal son in Luke 15) because you know nothing else you’ve tried will work?

- If you feel led to do so before moving on with your day, pray the prayer of the boy’s father in Mark 9: “I believe, help me overcome my unbelief.” You can even pray this prayer over the rhythm of your breathing if you desire.

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