In our neighborhoods, Ridgeland Church believes we will see God's work shaping, forming, and growing each of us. In our neighborhoods, Ridgeland Church believes we will see Heaven breaking through. Transforming our lives, our communities, and yes, our spaces.

We believe that space matters. The spaces we inhabit as we live, work, and play in our neighborhoods have a profound effect on our lives, our relationships with others, and who we are. We are shaped and formed by the spaces we inhabit. We're molded by the locations, decorations, and intentionality behind the use of a space. Whether it's a long table filled with friends and family, a garden plot cultivated by caring hands, or a warm patch of grass out in the sun, the spaces we are shaped by the most are brought about through work, effort, and intentionality.

On February 4th, Pastor Jared announced the launch of our brand new Brick X Brick campaign in fulfillment of our vision to “Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known Until it is in our Neighborhoods as it is in Heaven.” Through this campaign, we are raising money to reimagine the courtyard in the center of our building and to support three global ministry partners:
Each of these partners is working towards a common goal: to create and foster spaces that provide the venue for God's kingdom to break through in a local context. In the Philippines, Shechem Children's Home is working to provide a shelter and rehabilitation center for children who have escaped cybersex trafficking. In Zambia, Copperbelt District is providing community schooling for hundreds of children in remote areas of the of the countryside who would otherwise have little opportunity for formal education. In Croatia, the Zagreb Ministry Center is seeking to establish a space to accommodate a growing faith community that serves one of the largest asylum-seeker population centers in Europe.

Their mission is much like our own: to engage their community where they're at and provide a space for Heaven to break through in their own neighborhoods. As we seek the same goal in our own community, we'll be working to re-imagine the courtyard space in the center of our facility. Once completed, the space will include a raised bed garden and a turf grass space with lighting and equipment that will allow it host events for our community, church, and Little Lights Academy.

Work on our courtyard will be carried out in four distinct phases:
We are selling 300 paper bricks at $25 each and allocating $20 to courtyard work and $5 to these global ministry partners. As the project grows towards completion, we will begin to see paper bricks like these take over the hallways of Ridgeland Church as a new space is created Brick by Brick:
Will you partner with us to help create a space where heaven can break through in our community and around the world?

What do tithes and offerings actually support?

Giving at Ridgeland Church supports a number of ministries both locally and globally through our own ministries and the wider Church of the Nazarene.

When you give to Ridgeland, you can be sure that funds are designated to demonstrate God’s love in tangible ways with His peace, presence, and power.

In Common Fund

Our In Common Fund is the principal way we steward all of our charitable donations, tithes, and offerings. Its name and purpose is drawn from Acts 2:44 and Acts 4:32-35. This "one fund" approach helps us stay true to our stewardship principles of responsibility, transparency & clarity, accountability, and strategic planning as well as ensuring we accomplish our key focuses as a church.
We welcome donations at any time, and also monthly commitments so that we can better plan and steward the funds in our care.

World Evangelism Fund

WEF (World Evangelism Fund) is a fund designated under the Church of the Nazarene designed to sustain valuable ministries through consistent mission funding. Funds are distributed to six world regions, missionaries, and ministries around the globe. The World Evangelism Fund not only provides ministries on the ground with the monies they need, but the money is used to ensure that legal, federal, and support needs are met so that ministries are as safe as possible and can be sustained for years to come.

Chicago Central District

The Chicago Central District consists of 80+ churches that worship in more than 10 different languages in the Northeast corner of Illinois as part of the international Church of the Nazarene. Funds donated go to support the development and continuation of ministry through the licensing, training, and development of ministers in the Greater Chicago area. Funds also support kids and youth camps, District administration, resourcing, church planting, church property management, and Everyone Cares Camp, a yearly camp for individuals with disabilities.

Olivet Nazarene University

Olivet Nazarene University is a higher education institution and a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene. Donations are channeled in majority toward scholarships, so that as many students as possible get to participate in a transformative experience of education with a Christian purpose. Funds received also go towards enhancing the quality of instruction and student support services, as well as maintaining a thriving campus facility and culture. ONU’s dedication is to prepare individuals academically and spiritually, enriching lives and communities through their undergraduate and continuing studies programs.

Pensions & Benefits Fund

Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) is responsible for administration of the only denominationally-approved benefit plans for employees of Nazarene churches and institutions in the U.S. To do this, P&B leverages district and local church giving to the P&B Fund, which makes it possible to provide retirement and insurance plans, benevolence (such as medical assistance), and information. Service to Nazarene ministers began in 1919. Pensions and Benefits USA is committed to excellence, service, integrity, and transparency as they partner with districts and churches to offer innovative plans tailored to the unique needs of those served.

Our Stewardship Principles


We take seriously the trust that is extended to us in stewarding the sacrificial giving of individuals and families by supporting our mission to love our neighborhoods. It is our responsibility to ensure the funds are stewarded properly and those that generously give are informed with accurate and clear information about the impact that their contribution is having.

Transparency and Clarity

As a non-profit and church, we believe that we need to be transparent regarding the stewardship and accounting for all the funds we receive from those who sacrificially give in partnering with our mission as a church. With that being said, we also know that simply being transparent is not all that significant unless that transparency is also coupled with clarity. We do our best in order to not only be transparent but to also give clarity to as how we steward the funds we receive.


The very nature of church giving is the result of the generous giving of individuals and families believing in the common mission to love our neighborhoods. As an organization we invite and encourage accountability in our stewardship and staying focused on pursuing the mission to which we have committed.

Strategic Planning

We believe that if we don’t have a plan then we cannot be proper stewards of the funds that have been given to us. So we have committed to robust strategic planning in order to best maximize the use, impact, and significance of funds given. This planning also allows us to communicate ahead of time the needs for the coming year so anyone, up-front, will be able to know what they are supporting.

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