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We believe church should be a place of belonging that extends to everyone no matter where they are with Jesus or where they find themselves in life.

Join Us on Sundays

We gather every Sunday to connect, reset, and refocus as we begin a new week. On Sundays you can expect meaningful connections, music, prayer, preaching from our teaching team, and engaging programs for your kids.

And Throughout the Week

Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Wednesdays at 6:30pm


Current Series

In the midst of our Advent journey, we ponder a profound question: If Jesus were to walk among us today, would we even recognize Him? Would we grasp the profound impact His presence would hold for humanity, for each of us?

Jesus' Arrival carries an imprint that is uniquely His own. It is a touch that transforms, a presence that awakens, a love that redefines. When we open our hearts to recognize His imprint and join Him in its unfolding, we embark on a journey of transformative change.

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