You Are Welcome Here

We believe church should be a place that extends belonging to everyone, no matter where they are with Jesus or where they find themselves in life.

Join Us on Sundays

We gather every Sunday to connect, reset, and refocus as we begin a new week. On Sundays you can expect meaningful connections, music, prayer, preaching from our teaching team, and engaging programs for your kids.


Stories from Jesus

Sunday Morning Series

One of the best ways that we learn is through stories. They can challenge our thinking, spark our imagination, open new possible ways of seeing things, and they tend to unfold more and more truth as we sit with them longer. This is why Jesus taught in stories called parables. The stories that Jesus told sparked imagination, challenged thinking, and opened up new possibilities of how life was to be seen and lived often through the simplest of things. In this series we want to do what Jesus said: “those who have ears, let them hear.”

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