A different kind of church with a heart for our neighborhoods

Simple Sundays


Our Sunday morning worship gatherings are intentionally simple. In a highly produced and marketed world we want to be able to focus on authenticity and depth. From our kids to our adults we want our gatherings to be focused on connecting with each other and God. This simplicity allows us to focus our resources and energy toward being involved in and serving our neighborhoods.

Ridgeland Café


This is a space created specifically for our neighbors and community! We want to be able to provide a regularly available space for our community to be able to gather together. This is a free space for our community to meet together, co-work, remote work, or just get away from the business of life. We are serving coffee and hot tea from our incredible partners at Equal Exchange who are making an incredible impact on the 40+ farmers they work with through an alternative trade model that pours back into their local community rather than lining a company’s pocket. What is even better is that it is all free to our neighbors! So, feel free to pop for a place to meet, get away, or a coffee to go!

Ministry to Families

Navigating the dynamics of family, parenting, and who we surround our children with is so incredibly important and we strive to create the best environments possible for families to do this!

Through Ridgeland Kids whether it is through our engaging Sunday morning kids worship or through our various special events we seek for it to always be fun, invest in your child, and be a caring environment to meet your child where they are at.

Through our Little Lights Academy, we have been serving the community for 50+ years with high quality childcare and preschool education. We know that the environment that our children are in is so crucial in theses important formational years and we are grateful for the ability to serve our community in providing a place that loves, nurtures, and develops children from where they are in their unique journey.

"Loving our neighborhoods as Jesus does by being present, being love, and being all-in."

Give to the Mission

Giving to our In Common Fund helps to support our mission of loving our neighborhoods! To give online, or learn more about our financial stewardship click on the link below. Thank you for your generosity!

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