Our Story

How it started

Ridgeland Church dates all the way back to our founding in 1926. What began as a small group of people gathering in a second floor village meeting room in Argo, IL transformed into a thriving church community in the southwest collar suburbs of Chicago. The church, originally Argo Church of the Nazarene, expanded and out grew four different locations in the Summit-Argo neighborhoods from 1926-1964.

Moving to Oak Lawn

In 1964, the church caught a vision of opening a day nursery in order to serve the growing number of mothers in the workforce. So, they made the difficult decision to leave their neighborhoods in Summit-Argo and move to Oak Lawn in order to pursue the vision set before them. Since 1965, the church as been faithfully serving their neighbors through Little Lights Academy and various ministries within the church as well as in the Oak Lawn community.

Telling a new story

In 2020, Ridgeland Church began the process of telling a new story. Over the course of the next 18 months the church asked hard questions, went through pastoral transition, pushed beyond comfort zones, and solved new challenges with creativity.

Through this Ridgeland Church has adopted a new core conviction, values, mission, vision, common life, identity, and key focuses which guide the church to Find Belonging, Follow Jesus, and Live Differently as we strive to Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known.

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