A Place to Find Belonging

At Ridgeland Church

We strive to be a caring community where you and your family can find belonging, follow Jesus, and live differently.


Find Belonging.
Follow Jesus.
Live Differently.

We like to keep things simple. We want to know the real Jesus, encounter Him in our daily lives, and live differently because of Him. We believe that knowing Jesus is just too good of news and too good of a life not to share. For us, Jesus must be made known.


To Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known
Until it is in Our Neighborhoods as it is in Heaven

From the earliest days of the Christian movement, followers of Jesus have sought to live together with purpose. This purpose results in belonging, shared resources, support and care, and accountability. As a church, we want to provide a space to find belonging, follow Jesus, and live differently alongside one another.


Until it is in our neighborhoods as it is in heaven.

We want to participate in and continue what Jesus started in bringing heaven to earth. A reality where brokenness is mended, justice is restored, tears are wiped from every eye, needs are met, and peace reigns. Until we see these realities in our neighborhoods: we will not give up.