Maturing Faith: Week 2

Oct 22, 2023    Pastor Jared Richey

This week Pastor Jared dives into the first stage of faith, known as "Transactional Faith." As you listen, think about how you would honestly answer these questions and how you can grow in your journey with Jesus!

If your life's spiritual journey with Jesus had a map from beginning to end, where do you see yourself on the map?

Take a moment and envision what the church would look like if every relationship was fully transactional. Would it be a community you would want to be a part of?

If someone has a transactional relationship with Jesus, what emotions do you think a person would go through when crisis and doubt come?

Dallas Willard once said that the first place to start in growing spiritually is to "Do the next right thing you know you ought to do." What would the "next right thing" look like for you? Spend some time praying and talking to God about it.

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