for a time of music, prayer, discussion, and light refreshments!

Midweek is a gathering designed for individuals and families who want to learn more, dive in deeply, and study the Word of God in a non-judgemental group setting. We want to create environments that support biblical and spiritual growth on a continual basis.

Upcoming Midweek Series

Midweek is BACK!

Prayerful Devotion, Meditative Reading, Scripture Study. Whichever name you call it by, a life devoted to the Study and consideration of Scripture is a life of deep knowledge and understanding of God and His ways. As we start our journey towards Easter, Midweek is diving deeply into the ages-old and ever-new practice of prayer, devotion, and study of Scripture through the process of Divine Reading.

What is Divine Reading?

Lectio Divina, literally translated as Divine Reading, is the careful study of Scripture in a four-step process. This process has been a part of Christian tradition since at least the 300s, which itself draws on Jewish traditions dating back millenia. The goal is to develop a closer relationship with God through intentional time in Scripture and prayer. We read a chosen passage at least four times, giving us an opportunity to think deeply, pray, and respond with thoughtfulness.

First, we Read (Lectio) the passage. This is our opportunity to get to know the passage of Scripture, patiently asking God to give gentle guidance as we look and listen for words or phrases which jump out at us. Next, we Reflect (Meditatio) on the passage. Re-reading the passage, we focus on the passages which stuck out to us in our first reading. Re-reading multiple times allows us to carefully reflect on the nudging of the Holy Spirit. Thirdly, we Respond (Oratio) to what we've been observing in our time in Scripture. Oftentimes, we use this time to respond in prayer. We use this time to open a dialogue with God, telling Him our response to the passage we've just read and listening expectantly for His response. Finally, we Rest (Contemplatio), dwelling in God's presence and receiving His response without word or action. In this time, God's work occurs in our stillness and we are content and at peace. We avoid wandering thoughts, resting quietly in God's presence and allowing His joy to overtake us.

RCKids Midweek

On Wednesday nights, kids Preschool (potty-trained) through 5th grade are invited to RCKids Midweek Worship at Ridgeland Church! This takes place alongside Midweek, a gathering for teens and adults. Refreshments are provided and drop off for the kids is at 6:30pm. This awesome experience for kids will have fun music, engaging games, age-geared discussions, and a video Bible lesson from KidSpring. They are done at 8pm and are ready to be picked up.

RSM Midweek Game Nights

Students 7th - 12th grade are welcome to join us for snacks and games on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm in Room 109! This time will be a time of connection, laughter, and having fun together as a group. See you there!