What is our In Common Fund?

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Our In Common Fund is the principle way we steward all of our charitable donations, tithes, and offerings. This ‘one fund’ approach helps us stay true to our stewardship principles of responsibility, transparency & clarity, accountability, and strategic planning as well as ensuring we accomplish our key focuses as a church.

Anyone is able to give into our In Common Fund at any time. We also love to receive monthly commitments so that we can better plan and steward the funds in our care. If you would like more information you can reach Stewardship Director, Barb Innis, at binnis@ridgeland.church or by calling 708.599.5559.

Together, Needs Met

When we gather around a common mission and combine our resources together we can meet the needs that loving our neighborhoods requires.

Partner In The Mission

Thank you for your generosity in partnering with us in loving our neighborhoods! Click the link below to give online safely and securely!

Cultivating Caring Neighborhoods
Cultivating Caring Neighborhoods

Our vision and mission as a church is wrapped around the neighborhood. We believe that where we live matters and that we should take Jesus seriously when he calls us to “love our neighbor.” We believe that if we can be a part of creating and sustaining neighborhoods that care for each other we can affect change on lives and our entire community. What would it look like and how would it change our neighborhoods if we knew our neighbors and knew that they cared for us? We believe in starting “next door” and loving our neighborhoods as we know Jesus does.

Investing in All Families
Investing in All Families

One of the most significant parts in the formation of our life is the role our family has played. We know that everyone has a different experience of family not to mention that our families’ look and their makeup can be as varied as we are and we are okay with that! We want to be a part of creating, developing, sustaining, and supporting healthy families no matter how they look. Whether that is through our preschool, mentoring program, family ministries, seminars, workshops, or resources, everyone deserves to be a part of a healthy family.

Developing Community Wells
Developing Community Wells

In ancient times the well was the place where the community gathered, made connections, built relationships, shared information, and went away with life-giving water. This is exactly what we believe that any physical property that we own as a church should be. We want to steward our property, not to keep it pristine and closed off, but to be full of life and used to love our neighborhoods. So we have committed to developing, using, and opening up our property to better the lives, enhance the resources, and significantly connect our neighbors with one another.

Creating Meaningful Gatherings
Creating Meaningful Gatherings

When people gather together then significant things can happen, but it doesn’t always need to be flashy for something to happen. We take a more simple approach to our Sunday gatherings so that we can focus on loving our neighborhoods but we believe that it truly is meaningful for us to gather together on a regular basis. In addition to Sundays we seek to create meaningful gatherings throughout the week to encourage, build relationships, and address significant issues that our community and neighborhoods face.

Supporting Global Missions
Supporting Global Missions

We are grateful to be a part of an international church that wraps all around the globe and we are committed to building partnerships with missionaries and churches around the world to support the mission of the Gospel in neighborhoods around the world.

Ways To Give

Here are some easy ways to give to the mission.

Our Stewardship Principles


We take seriously the trust that is extended to us in stewarding the sacrificial giving of individuals and families by supporting our mission to love our neighborhoods. It is our responsibility to ensure the funds are stewarded properly and those that generously give are informed with accurate and clear information about the impact that their contribution is having.

Transparency & Clarity

As a non-profit and church, we believe that we need to be transparent regarding the stewardship and accounting for all the funds we receive from those who sacrificially give in partnering with our mission as a church. With that being said, we also know that simply being transparent is not all that significant unless that transparency is also coupled with clarity. We do our best in order to not only be transparent but to also give clarity to as how we steward the funds we receive.


The very nature of this fund is the result of the generous giving of individuals and families believing in the common mission to love our neighborhoods. As an organization we invite and encourage accountability in our stewardship and staying focused on pursuing the mission to which we have committed.

Strategic Planning

We believe that if we don’t have a plan then we cannot be proper stewards of the funds that have been given to us. So we have committed to robust strategic planning in order to best maximize the use, impact, and significance of funds given. This planing also allows us to communicate ahead of time the needs for the coming year so anyone, up-front, will be able to know what they are supporting.