Ridgeland Church is not an event or a building, but a people gathered around and following Jesus together with a mission to love our neighborhoods.

We strive to foster a movement of neighbors that cultivates connected, caring, and supporting neighborhoods in the communities immediately southwest of Chicago.


In our neighborhoods as it is in heaven


Love our neighborhoods as Jesus does by being present, being love, and being all-in

Common Life

We strive to be present by intentionally going, with compassion, through awareness

We seek to be love by knowing God, with no condemnation, through serving

We commit to be all-in by remaining in Christ, with the gospel, through growing

Meet Our Team!

Jared Richey

Lead Pastor

Mitchell Yaksh

Family Care

Barbara Innis


Jennifer Gaskin

Little Lights Academy

Joy Miller

Gatherings + Executive Coordination

Macy Richey

Ridgeland Café + Administrative Coordination