Psalm 23

Read: Psalm 23

This week is going to be one of the few times this year that we are going to journey into the Psalms. The Psalms are songs and prayers written either by King David of one of the priestly psalmists. In Hebrew tradition they act as the “prayerbook of God’s people” and are continually returned to in order to teach us how to pray and speak words of prayer that we may find difficult to utter ourselves.

Psalm 23 is arguably the most popular of these song-prayers, and there really is no questioning why. These are words that pastor our hearts with the shepherding image of God. It is a reminder of God’s provision, a kind of rest only he can provide, comfort through disconcerting paths, and strength in trials. These words could have been penned in the face of something daunting, in the midst of a trial needing a reminder of who God is, or even in reflection of God’s presence, and they could be heard and applied in the same situations. The truths in Psalm 23 serve as a reminder that the God who is spoken about here is perfectly reflected in the Good Shepherd, Jesus, with whom we are invited to have a personal relationship and communion with through prayer. In praying the words of Psalm 23, may we be reminded of the Good Shepherd who desires to pastor our hearts in the various situations of life and calls us near to guide, comfort, and restore us.


  1. Which phrase stands out to you most?
  2. Is there any phrase in this Psalm that confuses you?
  3. Where do you hear God speak to you in this Psalm?
  4. There are countless ways to pray as we seek relationship with God. Do you have a specific rhythm or habit of prayer in your life? What does it look like/how do you practice it?
  5. Is it easier for you to pray prayers of lament or praise? Why?
  6. Sometimes in reading the Bible, we are used to reading a passage once and moving on. However, Psalms were meant to reflect and meditate on slowly, finding rest and strength in praying words of those who have gone before. How can you meditate on God’s word this week?

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