David: Anointed King and Battles Goliath

Read: 1 Samuel 16:1-17:58

In the time of the Judges, it was God who held the claim of King and Lord over the people of Israel, and when they needed in person aid, he would raise up a Judge in order to lead them out of the situation they got themselves in. Being true to form, the Israelites wanted what the other kingdoms around them had: a human king. So God stepped back and gave them what they wanted and they selected King Saul, who was a “mans man” and carried a kingly stature. All the while, God is working behind the scenes, in his wisdom, setting up another king of his choosing that would confound conventional wisdom. Sending his prophet Samuel to anoint a lowly shepherd boy who was youngest brother of the family, God continues to operate in the truth that His ways are higher than our ways. Not only did he choose someone that no one else would ever think of, he also gave the courage and strength to this shepherd boy to do what the King Saul or any of his mightiest warriors couldn’t accomplish.

We can find this story to be so true in our lives as well can’t we? We look at what everyone else arounds us has and what seems to be causing happiness and a thriving life and decide that is what we need as well. So we seek to make that happen and we might even achieve it but we come to find that what we need and what we want are different things. The good news is that we have a God that is content to work in the background, working in His grace preparing for us what we truly need. What God has asked of us has always been this: trust him. Trust that he has our best in mind and will provide for what we need even if it doesn’t look the way we thought it would. We never know when God could be working out a “King David” moment in our lives… we just need to trust him.


  1. What stood out to you about the story of David and Goliath as a child? Does anything different stand out to you now?
  2. Do you ever want something someone else has because they outwardly seem like they “have it all together”?
  3. Have you ever found God working in someplace unexpected? What happened?
  4. Where can you see yourself in these stories? Do you feel like David, perhaps feeling a bit unqualified for the task but trusting God anyway? Might you feel like Samuel, thinking “God, are you sure this is your plan?” or even like Saul, who eventually became jealous of David’s success?
  5. Where do you need to trust God to work in the background of your life? Where has he already done so?

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